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The Differences between Birth Defects and Birth Injuries

For many families, they think they have a cerebral palsy claim, but they may be wrong. Defects and birth injuries are very different from one another and they don’t always result in a lawsuit. There are major differences between a birth defect and a birthing injury. For instance, a defect can be caused during the pregnancy, and that the baby hasn’t been hurt because of anyone’s mishandling or mistreatment. A birthing injury on the other hand can be down to malpractice. Read on and find out a little more about defects and birthing injuries.

Defects Can Occur Because Of Genetics

Your cerebral palsy lawyer may tell you that there isn’t a case to be answered when you’re thinking about filing a lawsuit and the truth is they may be corrected. However, one of the reasons why the doctors may not be at fault for this is simply because of genetics. Now, if a family has a history of serious illness then it could play a part of the child’s growth and development. Defects are usually caused during the development stage and this doesn’t necessarily fall at the fault of the doctor.

Defeats May Be the Result of Illness during Pregnancy

You may not have a cerebral palsy claim as the child may have sustained a defect during the growth phase. When the child is within the mother’s womb the child can be starved of oxygen through no fault of a doctor or even the mother; it can be natural causes and while the mother may have a relatively normal pregnancy, it can still occur. For some, defects are caused because of an illness during the pregnancy and while it isn’t a more than common factor, it happens. That is something you must be aware of and, in truth, pregnancies are dangerous for the child, no matter whether it is in the early or late stages.

Birthing Injuries Can Be A Result Of Mistreat or Indeed Of Natural Causes

However, despite what many believe, birthing injuries aren’t always down to mistreatment or malpractice in some way. For many women, they have a difficult birth and it results in them being unable to deliver the baby naturally. Some women also find it extremely difficult in the final stages of the birthing process to deliver the child and as a result forceps are used to help.view this site from https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/12/161216114600.htm

Birth DefectsThis can, however, cause the child to sustain some minor injuries, such as bruising, but this isn’t actually always considered malpractice. Having said that, there are some doctors who cause injury because of a lack of care or attention; in these cases it would cause a malpractice suit. A cerebral palsy lawyer can help you distinguish between the two.

Understand the Cause Before You Blame Anyone

It’s understandable as to why a parent would blame a doctor for mistreatment, especially if their child has an illness. However, there are times when no one is at fault for the defect or birth injury. That is probably hard to swallow and hear, but that is the truth. That is why it’s necessary to understand how the child has sustained the injury or defect in the first place. You can still contact a cerebral palsy lawyer if you like.