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Tips to Prepare for Your First Child

Preparing to have your first child is a time of excitement as well as stress. For the first time parent, changing your whole lifestyle to accommodate your new arrival is something that takes careful planning. Thankfully, there are plenty of sources of inspiration to help you make this adjustment. Following a few simple tips prior to the child’s birth will help ease some of your concerns allowing you to focus on more important issues.

The first thing that you will want to do is find a way to make space in your house or apartment for your new baby. Chances are you will want to create a room exclusively for your baby. If you have a spare room in your house, then you will be set, but if not, you will have to get creative. This may mean taking apart your “man cave” or your study to create room. This may also mean that you have to start getting rid of some of your personal belongings to make room. If you don’t have to great, but remember, this is about your child now, so you should not keep things just because they are yours. This is also a good reminder that if you have a dog, you will probably want to find a way to isolate it from the baby to start. Stores like PetsMart will have crates for your dog, or miniature fencing to block off doorways and stairs. In time, your pet and baby will probably get along fine, but it is probably a good idea to start using these objects now to get your pet used to the changes that are coming. Similarly, it is probably a good idea for you to “baby proof” your house well before your child comes, so you can get used to your new living experience. Minimizing surprises is always helpful when it comes to having children.


In addition to your living situation, you will want to start getting the necessary baby supplies ready so you are not scrambling as the due date gets closer. Now is a good time to get and assemble a crib. It is also not too early to start stockpiling baby supplies like diapers, formula and clothing. Ask for recommendations from friends and family and keep your supplies in a designated space. You may feel like you are running out of room, depending on how much space you have, but the more that you compile now, the easier the transition will be.


Having a baby is a life changing event, no matter how you look at it. Thankfully, you have some time to prepare yourself before the big day arrives. Similar to most things in life, the more that you can do beforehand, the easier you will make it on yourself. Use this time to prepare yourself for the life changes that are approaching. You may feel overwhelmed at times, but that is normal, so don’t think that you will have everything squared away from the start. Make sure that you have a support system you can turn to when you have questions and enjoy the journey!

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