Genetics Central California

Genetic Medicine Central California is no longer a CCFMG practice, but is being integrated into Community Regional Medical Center. Websites will be updated to reflect these changes as soon as possible. In the meantime:

For Pediatric Genetics and adult diagnostic consultations:

Dr. Cynthia Curry (Medical Director)
Jamie Fisher, M.S. (Genetic Counselor)

Tel : (559) 459-2269
Fax: (559) 459-7179

Clinic Address:
Deren Koligian Ambulatory Care Center
290 Wayte Lane
Fresno, CA 93701

For Cancer Genetics consultations:

Dawn DeLozier, Ph.D.
Clovis Community Hospital (Radin Breast Center)
Referral line: (559)324-4848; Fax: (559) 324-4777

Dr. DeLozier's direct line:
(559) 324-4723;
Fax (559)324-4882

Prenatal Diagnostic Center of the State of CA (Central California Prenatal Diagnostics):

Administration through Dr. Curry's office (Denise), as above. For clinical services call the perinatologist's offices directly: (Dr. Elizabeth Woods; Dr. Brian Morgan; Dr. Douglas Helm )